Saturday, June 18, 2016

Ephemeral nature of the human condition

Fast forward to 3016 that is a 1000 years from now, none of us will live to see that year in soul, why go that far; except a handful, we will not even see 2116. Forget about being alive, will people living at that time remember you or me? Does it even matter if we are being remembered or not? This ephemeral nature of our existence should not demotivate us but should ignite us to follow our heart as Steve Jobs said, 
“You Are Already Naked. There Is No Reason Not To Follow Your Heart.”

It doesn't matter what you and I do individually to help the earth to become more sustainable, it isn't going to be enough for our generation to help the future of our race, a global village to exist and become higher beings. More outgoing, more intelligent, more conscious, and more human! 

To understand how much we, this generation, the people of the 21st century will affect the life of the people in the 31st century; we have to look at how things were evolving in the 11th century. We as a generation are influencing and will influence how people think 1000 years later whether our future earthlings like it or not.

So, it is left to us to either INSPIRE and catapult our civilization into the next few millennia and be remembered as the first generation which worked together to create a much better world which a few individuals could not have done. Or just be remember as a generation when Elon Musk landed people on Mars. I am not saying Elon should not be credited, I am saying if all of us are inspired like Elon, our generation would have an impact which the human race could never have imagined.

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